*ABC wrap towel (purple and green 2 piece set) size S

$66.40 $83

After a bath or after the pool

(purple and green  2 piece set)  size S

You can use it for a long time

Wrap your baby

Keep your baby and child waiting comfortably after bath

Suitable for all seasons at home or when out at the beach swimming

The front side has a popular alphabet pattern and the back side is a pile fabric, and absorbs water very well. It is a great item for taking a bath

Also use it for playing in the water at school or changing clothes after pool lessons

Since the neck part contains rubber, it can be quickly put on and taken off, and it will not slip off even if you release both hands. It's a long 22.8 inches length, so it covers your neck and knees, making it easy to change clothes even with a towel wrapped around. The front can be opened and closed with a snap button!  You can also use it as a bath towel by removing the button


100% cotton

(the front/shirring fabric, the back/pile)


W 47.2 in(the longest) × L 22.8 in      

(gift box 14.4 × 10.4 × 2.8 in)




【Product Care Instructions】

  • Do not use softeners, use laundry nets and scrap nets to prevent fluff and pile removal.
  • Swinging gauze and towels hard may cause tearing. In particular, the sewing part is easy to tear, so please be careful. 
  • Do not wash in water saving mode or wash with chlorine bleach and fluorescent whitening agent because it is a delicate material.  
  • Dark items may become discolored, so wash them separately.
  • Do not tumble dry.

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