●Trump baby bath towel×1 Baby face towel×2 3piece set

$64 $80

・Baby bath towel ×1

・Baby face towel ×2

The front gauze and back pile are smooth and kind on babies' skin, easy to dry, and not bulky. Bath and face towels display a large shower pattern on this gauze pile towel that is perfect for everyday use.

〇 Comfortable fabric and long-loved design "Oh dear!"

An organic towel delivering good times for a happy family.



100% cotton (The front gauze and back organic yarn pile)


・Baby bath towel ×1

 24.4 × 50.3 in

・Baby face towel ×2

 13 × 33.1 in 

・(gift box 14.4 × 10.4 × 2.8 in)




【Product Care Instructions】

  • Do not use softeners, use laundry nets and scrap nets to prevent fluff and pile removal.
  • Swinging gauze and towels hard may cause tearing. In particular, the sewing part is easy to tear, so please be careful. 
  • Do not wash in water saving mode or wash with chlorine bleach and fluorescent whitening agent because it is a delicate material.  
  • Dark items may become discolored, so wash them separately.
  • Do not tumble dry.

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